Ösagard 2013
                                        VI.Greyhound festival in Hungarian Ösagárd

After it did not been last year, we wanted this year, participate once again at Greyhound Festival in Ösagard namely as an exhibitor. After a long
Exhibition break I wanted to
show our 'Rajka' again. Especially in Ösagard always numerous and typey Magyar Agar can be found.
Since she is
already nine years old now,I reported it in the veteran class.
Our "old" girl was in top form and was in the best manner, what then with a V1, CAC was rewarded. Later, she was even "Best Female".
Then the next day in the main ring,where she was Best Veteran in Show

               Veteran Best in Show and Best Magyar Agar dog in Ösagard 2013

                      Juge R.Kotlar (H)  

                                                                                   VDH Bundes- und Jahrhundertsiegerin 2006
                                                                                                  Landessiegerin Hessen 2007
                                                                                                          DévajUtolér "Rajka"
                                                                                                             Wt 26.05.2004
                                                                                           (ChDévajOrvos x Ch. DévajFergeteg)

Ösagard is a small village in County Nograd with 350 inhabitants, 50 km away from Budapest in Cserhat (mountains).
According to the research of the people living there, this village was built by the local Greyhounds breeders, "Wind Hunder" named.
This is
the coat of arms of the village in rearing greyhounds also proved.
Precious tradition handed down in a beautiful festive costume. The Dogs (Magyar Agar) of the Royal family were then cultured in Ösagárd.
The Greyhounds "Magyar Agar", were the Hungarian Parliament as a national treasure and Symbol of Hungary awarded.



The festival was now the sixth summer in a row instead.
A festival with a true "carnival atmosphere" in which there were all sorts of things. Starting from Beer garden on the various markets
craft market and the like) to the local specialties cooked goulash and gnocchi.
There was also a large stage with artists, music and folk dances.In addition, a dog and horse show and of course we were given the old
Hungarian breeds shown.The day then ended with a beautiful concert / music and dance.